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5 Effective Affiliate Management Strategies

If you need help marketing your business, starting an affiliate program is a great idea. This is when you offer a commission to others in exchange for them touting your products and services. Here are five strategies you should use if you want to increase your chances of being successful.

1. Build Solid Connections

Foster relationships with your affiliates. This may seem like a complete waste of time, but it means a lot. If people feel like you view them as individuals instead of higher profit margins, they will be more dedicated when it comes to doing work for you. The more passionate they are, the more likely it is others will be impressed with the way your products and services are represented.

2. Start A Social Media Group

Use social media to your advantage when it comes to managing your affiliates. Facebook offers users the ability to create groups based on any topic they like. Start one especially for your affiliates and use it to give them feedback, additional resources and a way to contact you when they are in need of assistance. This is also a great idea because they can bounce ideas off one another during times when you are not around to respond to their queries.

3. Create A Newsletter

One thing many people do not utilize is the power of a great newsletter. This is an excellent way to stay in touch with your affiliates and offer them information on a regular basis. The reality is that you want them to do well since it has a direct impact on the amount of money you make. Offering them tools on a regular basis will ensure that they learn as much as possible, use this knowledge to tweak their campaigns and sell more than ever.

Provide them with an affiliate newsletter that is on par with the one that you send out to customers. Giving them bare bones offering that is not very appealing means that it is likely to end up in the trash without being read.

4. Create Contests

Competition is one of those things that can turn a mediocre affiliate into a superstar. Knowing that they have the opportunity to outshine everyone around them gives some people all of the motivation they need to do extremely well. You can do your part by running a contest and offering great rewards to those who do exceptionally well.

The idea is to offer an incentive that is valuable enough that people will feel compelled to do well. On the flip side, it should not be so costly on your end that it puts you in the lurch.

5. Be Personable

This may not seem like a huge deal, but being polite can go a long way. Many people who join affiliate programs do so because they are tired of heading to their 9-5 each day and dealing with bosses and co-workers that are less than pleasant. The last thing they want is to log on and have to deal with the same thing coming from you. You should be friendly during each exchange, even when it may be challenging. This will help increase loyalty and reduce the chances of your affiliates jumping ship and going to work for your competitors.

Starting an affiliate program is one of the best things that you can do for a company that needs a real boost. With that said, make sure that you keep all of this advice in mind if you want to manage things well, get along with your affiliates and increase your business profits.

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Essential Tips For Social Media Marketing

Knowing that your audience is on social media and being able to market your business to them effectively are two very different things. Effective social media marketing will vary depending on the business and what you are looking to achieve. However, there are certain key elements of this marketing that you need to know which will help you develop your marketing strategy.

Bypass Your Landing Pages

Landing pages are where most businesses try and capture emails or get their visitors to contact them. Your social media strategy should help you bypass these pages completely. One of the reasons why you are bypassing these pages is the fact that you can lose a lot of potential customers by using them.

When a potential customer clicks on your advert and is taken to a landing page, they will need to read through the page and then complete a call to action. This is an unnecessary step that you can eliminate with social media tools. If you want your customer to call you then you could easily use the call feature on Facebook adverts. This feature allows a mobile user, which are increasing, to call your business by clicking a button on your advert.

Use Life Events For Targeting

When using paid adverts you need to target your demographics correctly otherwise you are wasting money. Getting to your target market at the right time will increase the effectiveness of your marketing and is easier than ever on social media. On websites like Facebook, people will create timelines with their life events. These major changes in their lives could be what you are looking for in targeting your audience.

With Facebook marketing, you can target your advert to users who have gone through a certain life event. This means that if you are selling baby clothes you can target users who have had a child. You can also specify how soon after these life events you want your advert to be seen. This means that if a user has been engaged for 6 months your advert will appear but, if they have been engaged for 2 months it will not.

Life event targeting will help you get to your consumers just when they need you. Of course, you will need to complete some research first to determine which life events will suit your campaign the best.

Cohesion Between Adverts And Landing Pages

When you set up your advert you need to ensure that there is a seamless visual transition between the advert and your landing page. If you include images in your adverts then this is very important because you do not want to confuse your users or appear to be misleading them. When you do not have seamless cohesion you could end up putting the potential customer off the site.

Having an advert with an image of clothing and white text can get their attention. However, you need to ensure that the landing page also has an image of clothing and white text. While this will often not comply with best landing page practices, it will offer cohesion which makes your visitor more likely to stay on the page.

Look At Actionable Hashtags

A lot of people have been saying that hashtags on social media are dead. This is far from the truth and they can still be utilized in a number of ways. Most marketers will look at using hashtags that make it easy for their audience to find relevant content. While this is important you should also look at using actionable hashtags.

Actionable hashtags have been used by leading brands with a lot of success. Nike has used these hashtags, such as #chooseyourwinter, to engage with their followers and to build a social online community around the hashtag. These hashtags also end up being shared more and will result in your brand being seen by more people.

One of the other benefits of using actionable hashtags is that they can be used across a number of social platforms. A hashtag that is used on Instagram can easily be used on Twitter as well. This will link all of your social accounts and will help with your overall social media presence.

Structure Your Campaigns Around Your Business Objectives

When you set up a social media campaign you are often asked to choose an objective. This could be increasing traffic to your website or getting people to claim an offer. While it is easy to choose an objective you need to ensure that it works with your overall business objectives.

If you need to increase sales then you will want to consider objectives that increase conversions. Getting more people to your website will help but, the overall objective is not actually the same. You have to take the time to consider why you are creating the campaign and if the money spent will help your overall business objectives.

Use Twitter To Test Ideas

Many marketers will use Twitter as a promotional tool but, they are neglecting the power Twitter has as a content lab. There are a number of tools that Twitter offers to help you check whether an idea you have is a hot topic before you start creating content. The primary tool to use is the Twitter Analytics tool which helps to evaluate a tweets performance.

To test on Twitter you can share content or images that relate to the content idea that you have. If you share an infographic and receive 8% engagement you will know that this is a good idea to create content on. Using this technique is free and it offers you valuable insight into what your target market is looking for.

Reuse Strong PPC Advert Copy

Creating advert copy can be a nightmare and you will not know if it works until after the advert is live. However, you can easily repurpose PPC adverts for social media marketing. If you have a PPC advert that has done very well it is likely that it will do well on social media as well.

Reusing your adverts will not only save you time but, it will result in a similar message being given across the board. While this might not seem like a good idea, having the same message sent to potential customers across platforms can help you advert and business stick in the mind.

Layer Your Targeting Options

Targeting on social media is something you need to consider but, you should not simply choose one demographic to look at. It is possible to layer your targeting your internet marketing options to create a very narrow target window which will generally result in better conversions. To layer these options you should consider layering purchasing behavior over your basic demographics.

An example of this layering could be that your target market is new parents. To layer this you could look at new parents between certain ages who have a set household income. You can then further layer this targeting with certain life events or whether their child has been ill with certain sicknesses. All of this information is available and the marketing platforms will allow you to target them.

Of course, the results that you get from the layering will vary and you might need to experiment a bit. Having an advert which is targeted too much could be a problem as you are not reaching a high number of people. However, this does not mean that you cannot try because the narrower your focus the more targeted the audience.

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